The natural hair boom of the past 10 years has been amazing. So many new products and tools on the market, and as the first Nigerian natural hair company, we'd like to think we have played a huge part in driving that growth! But we also understand that’s just made things much more confusing. How do you know what’s actually good without having to spend so much money that you’re now having to consider tapping in to your future kids’ college fund? Well, let us do the hard work! We simplify your natural hair journey by cutting through the overwhelming amount of information to customise a regimen specifically for you and bringing you products that work.

Meet Our Founder

Well, hello there! Nibi Lawson here -  Founder and Chief Hair Obsessive at Kinky Apothecary.Having returned to Lagos in the late ‘00s as a kinky-haired oddity in a sea of shiny weaves, I quickly grew frustrated at the complete lack of suitable products available on the market.

After a few too many snide comments about my natural hair from colleagues (I worked at a bank ... guess I shouldn't have been too surprised), acquaintances … and one particularly pressed random woman at a restaurant, who appeared to take serious exception to the sheer size of my ‘fro, I quickly realised that natural hair was just not a thing in Nigeria.Spotting a very obvious gap in the market and bolstered by the resolve to disrupt Eurocentric standards of beauty (like seriously, who in their right mind isn't here for melanin and fabulous kinky hair?!), the first iteration of Kinky Apothecary was born in 2010.

After 10 years of getting to know you all and building the community through events, collaborations and sharing advice on the blog, I came to realise that the KA family was in need of a more targeted and personalised approach. So I spent most of the pandemic working with a team of absolutely fantastic people creating KA 2.0!
I really can't wait to continue on this journey with you all.