On The Couch


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Our founder Nibi reveals all the tips and trips for maximum length retention!

1. Moisturise

Inside and out. Use water-based moisturisers regularly and seal with an oil (and understand the difference - don't try to moisturise with oils or butters). Also, drink LOTS of water!


2. Sleep on satin

A satin pillowcase, scarf or bonnet at night will provide a protective barrier for your hair and help lock in moisture.


3. Don't hang on to dead ends

Trims don't actually make hair grow, however, if you don't trim your hair when it needs it (usually about 3-4 times a year), your existing damage will get worse, leading to breakage and ultimately no length retention.

4. Detangle gently

Some people prefer to finger detangle, some prefer wide-toothed combs or detangler brushes. All can be used without damage as long as you use them properly - gently work your way up from the tips to the roots, pausing if you hit any snags. Also be careful to remove all shed hairs that can lead to further tangling knotting and breakage (which is why detangler brushes are my personal preference).


5. On the subject of combs and brushes

Ditch these unless your hair is damp with conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Never ever attempt to comb dry or shrunken hair!


6. Do not over manipulate

There's absolutely no need to style your hair on a daily basis or even every other day. Each time you handle your hair is an opportunity for breakage. Limit this risk by protective styling more often than wearing your hair out.


7. Protective styles

Some people think they're unnecessary, I think they're crucial. Your hair is more at risk of damage if constantly loose, allowed to tangle, or rubbing on fabric. A good protective style - where hair is stretched with ends tucked away (e.g. twists pinned up or in a bun) allows hair to rest and grow uninterrupted. 


8. But... no tight styles

Protective styles are absolutely pointless if they cause damage. Be careful when putting them in - no tight braids, wigs that rub against your edges etc. And keep them well moisturised while they're in. You can't expect to see growth if you broke off more hair manhandling it into the style. Also, don't keep them in for so long they start to tangle.


9. Deep Condition

I'm an advocate of this. Introduce heat or steam to your conditioning session for 20 minutes. Every. Single. Wash. You'll see a huge difference in your moisture levels.


10. Limit Direct Heat

Using heat (blowdryers, flat irons, etc) once or twice a year is fine. Every wash is an absolute no-no. There are so many other ways to stretch out your hair... flat twists, thick braids, bantu knots, African threading, to name a few... that you'll wonder why you were so reliant on that blowdryer in the first place.


Don't expect any miracles... but also enjoy your hair at every stage!